Book: Lost Panorama by Susanne Weck & Ulrike Mohr

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Lost Panorama by Susanne Weck & Ulrike Mohr
Hardcover, 2007, 96 pages, many photographs and diagrams
The story of two women who set out to determine the fate of a great panorama once displayed in the town of Wünsdorf, Germany, the epic Russian-produced painting The Battle for the Reichstag. The women travel back and forth from Berlin to Moscow and many places in between, following leads, determined to locate the painting and make a film about their journey. 

"The Lost Panorama project was never about locating something. It was more about the phenomenon of disappearances and a search for the impossible. It was about doors that were closed, and experiencing futility while attempting to connect to something from the past. We failed in our initial intentions by unexpectedly we found what we were looking for: The Wünsdorf Panorama."
                                                      From the Introduction to Lost Panorama