Postcard: Dispatch from the Nova Tuskhut

$ 10.00

For a $10 contribution, our postal agents will send you a postcard direct from the Nova Tuskhut and include an inspirational quote from one of the books in the Nova Tuskhut Library. The Nova Tuskhut Library at the Velaslavasay Panorama holds a collection of rare, ordinary, scientific, literary, and Polar-related books to read while wintering over extended periods of time inside the Nova Tuskhut,  - "the only Arctic Trading Post in the Lower 48 States."

Commemorate this era of wintering over while supporting the ongoing existence of the Velaslavasay Panorama.

Per the Nova Tuskhut Postmaster Mandate, sent postcards will only include text from books in the Nova Tuskhut Library chosen at random by issuing Dispatch Postal Agent.

NOTE: Your postcard will be dispatched to your billing address unless otherwise specified  in the "Add special instructions for your order..." area of your purchase.